Star fields and star trails at the peak district.

Star Trails over the Peak District

Star Trails over the Peak District

Happy new year etc!

This is my first blog post in a while as the run up to Christmas was a busy one, full of work and family commitments, great times were had though! I have a few blog entries to post up in the coming days as i’m playing a bit of catch up – hope you like the shots!

I was out capturing star trails and star fields last weekend when it was bitterly cold and no cloud cover – perfect weather for it, if not for my partially frost-bitten toes.

I wanted a series of shots that had a more epic feel to them (not in the anoying parlance of ‘epic win lol’, but in the actual meaning of epic which seems to have been lost these days). #oldman. So I opted to take a shot with me looking up at the stars, looking all humbled or something equally pretentious! The first shot is one of the final shots in the series – as i was layering 120 shots on top of each other to show the movement of the stars i couldn’t stand in the same position for over an hour – so the final shot of the series is the one featuring me, which then gets stacked on top of the rest of the shots for the startrail. I prefer the final image, which makes more use of the airport in the distance, the breaking sun on the horizon, and the interest in the sky, others have prefered the simplicity of the shot with just the star fields. It’s all subjective.


This is part of a bigger project which i’ve mentioned on here before, and represents the 3/4 point of it, just one more to go and i’ll be there, frostbitten or not.

And the finished article:


Star Trails over the Peak District

Star Trails over the Peak District - Final Photo


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