Alisa and James – The Old Vicarage wonder wedding!


As I seem to be starting all my posts with recently  – I’m playing catch up a bit on the blog at the moment as I have been a busy boy in recent times with wedding photography – so here is my latest event!


In mid-August I shot Alisa and James’ wedding with a photographer pal of mine Paddy – a great new talent in the wedding photography world and one who wanted a bit more experience so he came along for the ride. Paddy has been doing a lot of work recently and is really proving himself to be an excellent people photographer (he even photographed Mylene Klass a few weeks ago!) – you can see more of his work here: Below is a mixture of both mine and Paddy’s work throughout the day.


The wedding photography started at Alisa’s parents’ house where a lot of the bridal party were getting ready; it was quite hectic but it always makes for good photography with people and laughter flying all over the place! the wedding car entourage was a nice surprise once everyone was ready, so we headed over to the venue to let the day’s activities commence! Some pics of the prep and ceremony below:




After the ceremony everyone headed over to the bridge to get the more formal wedding photographs – the grounds of the Old Vicarage were amazing and running through the middle of the estate was a shallow river which I really wanted to incorporate into the shots. After the wedding ceremony most guests want to have a few drinks and relax, so it’s always important for me to keeps things moving, keep everyone entertained, and to try and inject a bit of fun into the proceedings. Paddy and I took everyone to the main bridge over the river to get some group shots, and I donned my wellies to wade into the river to get the best angles. I think everyone was running a book to see when I’d topple in, which knowing my penchant for clumsiness was a good bet to take, but thankfully I managed to avoid an early bath. After the group shots we headed to the marquee for the guests to enjoy the speeches and food and drink. A few of those shots below for you to see:




After dinner we headed back out of the marquee into the grounds as it was a lovely day – and the venue had organised a long standing tradition for wedding couples in a ‘catch the duck’ race! All the guests headed over to the bridge and the bride and groom donned their wellies this time (I wasn’t going to push my luck again in the river) and they had to catch rubber ducks thrown in by the guests. Olympic fever was in full flow and the elbows were out with all the competitive duck racers trying to get their ducks through first – and even a couple of cheeky youngsters trying to throw them down stream – good initiative boys! After the medal ceremony we got a few more family shots around the grounds, and then it was back indoors for the first dance, and the surprise tribute act of Take That (I can’t remember what their band name was, but I’ll go with Take This as I reckon that is a good name for a Take That tribute act, unless it’s been copywrited in which case I apologise, please don’t sue me). I have to say the lead singer (fake Gary Barlow) sounded ridiculously similar to him, it was uncanny. After a good dance and a few more drinks, the party was in full flow, so we captured a few more shots of the guests having fun, and thought about heading into the sunset.




Paddy and I had a great day with the wonderful bride and groom, and all the friendly and helpful guests – It was a day to remember and a big thank-you to all everyone involved. Alisa and Jamie make an amazing couple and it was a pleasure to document their day.


Enjoy the pictures,


Justin and Paddy.


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  1. Helen coupe says:

    Alisa and Jamie wedding was wonderful and your photo are fab ! Well fine guys you worked really hard !!

  2. Baylie says:

    Wow; great photos and it lokoed like everyone was having such a great time. You both look amazing and I’m positive will be amazingly happy together forever. Can’t wait to see you again; hope you can make the next UFC event. Cheers! Helen

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