David and Anna – A Ringinglow wedding

Ringinglow Wedding - David and Anna

Ringinglow Wedding - David and Anna


For our last wedding booking of 2011, Helen and I were in the lovely rural setting of Ringinglow, just outside (well, looking over) Sheffield at a wonderful pub/venue called the Norfolk arms. Helen and I had visited the pub as patrons previously so we knew the venue was great, we just had to work out how to shoot a group shot of 80+ people there at some point!

The day started with some all important prep work, checking out light and vantage points and other such important (but ultimately fairly boring) work, and planned the day’s photography. We met David at the venue – who had earlier tried to expend some nervous energy by going for an early morning run, rather unsuccessfully I might add, who kindly showed us round and made us feel incredibly welcome. I have to say this was a theme that ran right through the day – Anna, David and all their family and friends could not have been more friendly and welcoming, especially when we had to nip inside to get some formal shots after it started raining and the temperature dropped!


Helen and I then busied ourselves with getting some preparation shots and those of guests arriving, i’ve put a few below for your perusal! I have to say the bride looked amazing, and some of her prep shots are amongst my personal favourites of the day (click one of the pictures and it enlarges it, you can then scroll through):

photocrati gallery


Once all the prep was done and all the guests had arrived, it was time for the wedding to begin! Wedding photography can be a daunting experience at times, and no more so than during the ceremony. David and Anna’s ceremony was relatively informal and it made it such a joy to capture – lots of smiles, laughter and happiness throughout-  exactly what you want as a photographer. Once we’d captured the ceremony we moved out to get the group shots, which we then had to curtail due to adverse weather conditions, where we retired to the marquee – where space was at a premium – but necessity is the mother of invention as someone on the telly once said, so we did our best and came out with some great creative shots.



photocrati gallery



Once the formal photography was done it was into the venue hall for the speeches, food and some dancing. There were some great speeches, with a good mix of heartfelt sentiment and a good few belly laughs along the way! Once the speeches were finished Helen and I retired to back up the photos, take the weight off our feet and to recharge our batteries – with some beautiful cuisine sorted out for us from the bride and groom (fancy fish and chips, you can’t fault it!). Once the guests had finished their meals (with added whooping and cheering, I dashed in to the room thinking we’d missed something major and it was a Spanish tradition of cheering in celebration during the food!), We moved back in to get some shots of the guests interacting, and of course the first dance.


All in all a great day was had, it was a wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons – wedding photography is easy when you have such a great couple with great guests.


Thanks for looking, and thanks to Anna and David for being such a great couple,



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